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Safety is priceless, but not anymore! Wrap & Go is here and from now on you can provide safety for your customers’ luggage simply, fast and easy! All this with the help of our technologically advanced, compact and modern machine.

Don’t let your customers pay the price of other people’s negligence!
Wrap & Go

What is Wrap & Go?



Every year millions of people travel to various destinations around the whole year, but they have one thing in common: they are all concerned about the safety of their luggage, the security of their personal belongings.

Using the Wrap & Go machine is a solution to reduce passengers' concerns: scratching, tearing and breaking of the luggage can be prevented thanks to the wrapping. Foiling of the luggage also acts as a deterrent against theft.

Most airports have placed wrapping machines in the terminals in order to increase the security feeling of the flights but in most cases - due to their popularity - people are waiting in queues in front of the wrapping machines.

Passengers can save an enormous amount of time and unnecessary stress by being able to solve the wrapping and foiling of suitcases in their hotels before arriving at the airport. By securing their luggage in a relaxed environment, the wrapping machine enhances guests ’comfort, thereby increasing the probability of their return.

In addition, the WRAP & GO packing machine goes beyond the simple packaging machines, as it also offers additional services such as precise weighing of luggage and proof of the fact that the wrapping has taken place.

Wrap and go

Luggage wrapping function

The wrapping machine has 2 large rolls (1 factory + 1 spare) of ultra-resistant, high-quality, transparent plastic film for luggage protection. It is the most reliable protection against airport thefts and external environmental factors.

Wrap and go

Luggage weight measurement function

When traveling by air it is very important for passengers that their luggage weight does not exceed the airline’s weight limit, otherwise they can end up paying large sums for extra weight. This inconvenience can be avoided thanks to the built-in weight scale of the WRAP & GO automatic machine.

Wrap and go

Receipt issuing

After weighing and wrapping the luggage, the machine issues a receipt with a QR code which is scanned with the passenger’s mobile phone and becomes available on the WRAP & GO's own server. If the suitcase is damaged at the airport, this receipt can serve as evidence in a future legal dispute.

How does it actually work?

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See the benefits!

Wrap and go benefits

extra service for the hotel guests

new source of revenue for the hotel

easy installation and operation

multifunctional device

receipt of packaging


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